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Hexendom was formerly known as 'witchcraft' and 'paganism' — two defamatory terms that are now phased out.

Because Hexendom is not a craft. Nor is it a belief defined by Christians.

And because it is limitless and unrestricted, Hexendom is today’s leading world religion!

Hexendom's Anti-Trump Spell

Repeat this magic spell every day @ 6 p.m. EST to make sure Donald Trump won't become president again:

Hexendom's Anti-Trump Spell

A Few Years Ago We Stopped His Reign
In Twenty-Four We'll Do It Again

Feel free to share our Anti-Trump Spell image everywhere — it's public domain!

UPDATE 1, Feb. 16, 2024: Trump must pay $364 million in civil fraud trial, thanks to the thousands who cast this spell every day!

More to come...

12 Hexendom Facts

  1. Hexendom is the world's oldest faith.
  2. Hexendom is today's fastest-growing religion.
  3. Hexendom is history's most persecuted belief: Hexophobia, also referred to as Witchophobia, constitutes the pathological fear of, hostility to, prejudice towards and discrimination against Witches and their religion.
  4. Hexendom, Hex, Hexen, Hexes, Witch, and Witches are religious terms and always capitalized in English.
  5. Hexendom was first used to describe the religion in 1673 by Swiss midwife and abortion doctor Claudia de Champeys who also coined Hextermination — i.e. Christianity and Islam's genocides against Witches and pagans that cost 127 million lives and buried our civilizations beneath churches and mosques worldwide. Today, it is also the name of journalist Maria Hexendom.
  6. Hexendom is the opposite of Christendom and its three global leaders Donald Trump, Andrew Torba and Vladimir Putin.
  7. Hexendom is the international empire of Witches.
  8. Hexendom unites Greco-Roman Mysteries, witchcraft, paganism, new age, wellness, Neolithic spiritualism, animism, sorcery, I Ching, astrology, Polytheism, occultism, tarot, crystals, alien abduction, ouija boards, dream catchers, psychedelic microdosing, voodoo, Yogic Flying, feng shui, healing, demonic possession, Ukrainian RUNVira, shamanism, blood-drinking magick and spiritual nones — i.e. people not affiliated with industrialized religions like Christianity and Islam.
  9. Hexendom was founded in Europe and means Witch Cathedral [literally Witches Cathedral] in German.
  10. Hexendom has no laws, rules or terms of service.
  11. Hexendom is liberty and love, pleasure and power.
  12. Hexendom is forever free for everyone.

The Prophecy

When the fifth William takes the throne, Hexendom takes the world
—Claudia de Champeys, prophecy, 1673

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